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About Luxure Lifestyle

Home Management Services and Professional Organization in Naples, and Southern Florida
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Luxury Living, Professional Organization & Home Management Services in Naples, Florida 

Luxure Lifestyle is a distinguished provider of home organization and luxury estate concierge services situated in Naples, Florida. We specialize in understanding your unique lifestyle, enabling us to tailor your living spaces to suit your individual needs. Our expertise revolves around seamless moving services, professional organization of every area of your home, and collaborations with contractors and designers to personalize your new home construction.

Luxure was derived from the Latin word Lūxuria- meaning luxury and extravagance and from the French definition of overabundance. After a recent trip to France, owner Christine Lord, knew that she could give her clients the Luxure way of Life that she experienced during her time away. Luxury should be celebrated, enjoyed, and easily obtainable. And that's how Luxure Lifestyle came to be.


Professional organizer naple FL

Meet Christine Lord

CEO & Founder

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Meet Christine, the founder and visionary behind Luxure Lifestyle, the ultimate luxury Estate Concierge Service. Prior to venturing into the world of home organization and lifestyle creation, Christine worked as a Paralegal while raising her wonderful son, Jacob. Inspired to pursue a new path, she embarked on a journey through law school, but the stress took a toll on her health, prompting a shift in focus.

Recognizing the transformative power of decluttering and organization on both the physical and mental well-being, Christine started her own decluttering journey, experiencing a personal and professional metamorphosis. In 2019, she turned her newfound passion into a business, beginning with her own mother as the first client.

From those humble beginnings, Luxure Lifestyle has grown into a thriving business that offers exceptional services and concepts. The team collaborates with builders and interior designers to bring a white-glove level of service to the building and moving process, creating functional interior spaces that maximize storage and value. Luxure Lifestyle is not just about organizing homes; it's about creating a lifestyle.

With a dedicated team and a passion for creating luxurious homes and lifestyles, Christine and her team looks forward to the continued growth and evolution of Luxure Lifestyle, bringing the Ritz and Four Seasons experience directly to clients' homes.

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Professional organizer naples, FL

Meet Becky Bailey

Managing Partner

Meet Becky, the indispensable force behind Luxure Lifestyle. In 2021 years ago, Becky and Christine's paths crossed, and from the moment they met, they knew she was the missing piece to the Luxure Lifestyle puzzle. Introduced as a person to help fill in on a job, Becky's expertise and passion for organization made her an invaluable addition to the team.

With a background in real estate and previous experience as a franchise owner, Becky brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her ability to guide clients in making financially sound decisions during home building or renovation projects has been a game-changer. Becky's eye for details and commitment to excellence align seamlessly with the values of Luxure Lifestyle.

Beyond her organizational skills, Becky's CFO and Spreadsheet vibes have elevated both Christine and the company to new heights. Luxure Lifestyle owes much of its success to Becky's contributions. When strong women unite, there's truly no limit to what we can achieve. Luxure Lifestyle wouldn't be the same without her, and together, we continue to redefine the standards of excellence in our industry.

Better Together

Luxure Lifestyle values diversity as a genuine strength, fully supporting women-owned and Black-owned businesses. As an ally of, we are committed to contributing to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry.

Luxure Lifestyle is a member of the Shelter for Abused Women Guild and partner with the Transitional Housing section of the foundation. All items removed from our client's homes go directly to families in need or is donated directly to Options Thrift Shop to be sold with proceeds benefitting the Shelter. 


Professional organizer naples, FL

Our Organization Mission

From transforming personal spaces to delivering unique organization solutions, Christine Lord has launched and sustained one of the top home organization companies in Florida. The concept to organize client homes and business spaces was birthed from joy as Christine began enjoying the art of transforming her personal spaces. The refreshed, well-organized spaces improved the quality of her life, and she became determined to create that standard for others, too. And thus, Luxure Lifestyle began reinventing home organizing standards for every client. Luxure Lifestyle serves home organization clients in Naples, Tampa and all of Florida.

professional organizer florida

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